RIMC Dehradun Rashtriya Indian Military College

Rashtriya Indian Military College

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun is one of the premier institute to prepare Indian boys with suitable education and training for our defence services. Dehradun traces its origin to the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, inaugurated on 13th March 1922 by his Royal Highness, Prince Edward VIII the Prince of Wales. It is located on the premises of 138 acres of lush green countryside adjacent to Garhi Village in Dehradun Cantonment. Presently, RIMC has become main feeder institution to NDA and the Naval Academy (NAVAC).

The main purpose of this institution is RIMC has a long history and rich traditions. This premiere institute has produced so many officers/leaders, both military as well as civil. Four Army chiefs and one Air Force chief in India and three Pakistan Chiefs (one of Army staff and two chief of the Air staff) and so many other distinguished appointments including civilian dignitaries like Ambassadors, Governors, Ministers have studied/passed through the RIMC's.

The Rashtriya Indian Military College(RIMC) is also an Inter Services Institute and a Category ‘A’ establishment of the Ministry of Defence like National Defence Academy(NDA), Khadakvasla, Officers' Training Academy(OTA), Chennai, and Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun.

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